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Friday, June 7, 2013

Bristor (ca. 1729-1789),


Bristor (ca. 1729-1789)

In Memory of
servant of Thomas Johnson
late of Chatham
who died Dec 12
1789 Aged 60

Ruth Bicknel (ca. 1706-1740)

Here Lies ye Body
of Mrs Ruth Bick
nel ye Wife of Mr
James Bicknel Shee
Died January ye 11th
1740 in ye 34 year
of her Age

Zachiariah Bicknel (ca. 1700-1781)

Here lies ye Body of Mr. Zach
iariah Bicknel Husband to
Mrs Hannah Bicknel He Died
March ye 1 1781 in ye 81
year of His Age

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Joseph White (ca. 1666-1725)

Here Lieth The
Body of Mr
Joseph White
Who Deceased
Feb'ry ye 28th
A.D. 1725 In
ye 59th Year
of His Age

John Sauad (ca. 1648-1726)

Here Lyeth ye Body
of Cap'n John Sauad
Who Dyed Octber
ye 30, 1726 In ye 74
Year Of His Age